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Fall 2023-Spring 2024

Please email the studio to request a registration

Schedule/Rates: Text


Gray room:

4:30-5:00-Junior Tap-at capacity-waitlist available

5:00-5:30-Junior Jazz-at capacity-waitlist available

5:30-6:00-Teen Tap

6:00-6:30-Junior Ballet-at capacity-waitlist available

6:30-7:15-Senior Jazz (placement only)

7:15-8:00-Senior Tap (placement only)-at capacity-waitlist available

8:00-8:45-Teen Jazz

Blue room:

4:30-5:00-Petite Tap

5:00-5:30-Petite Ballet-at capacity-waitlist available

5:30-6:00-Petite/Junior ATS (Acro, Tricks, Skills)-at capacity-waitlist available

6:00-6:30-Teen/Senior Conditioning-at capacity-waitlist available

6:30-7:00-Jr. Competition Contemporary Team #1

7:15-8:00-Teen Contemporary-at capacity-waitlist available

8:00-8:45-Senior Contemporary


Gray room:

4:00-4:30-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

4:30-5:00-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

5:00-5:30-Mini Tap Competition Team #1

5:30-6:00-Mini Tap & Ballet

6:00-6:30-Teen Jazz Competition Team #4

6:30-7:00-Senior Jazz Competition Team #5

7:00-7:30-Teen Jazz Competition Team #3

7:30-8:00-Teen/Senior Tap Competition Team #4

Blue room:

4:30-5:00-Open studio (call to reserve)

5:00-5:30-Creative Movement

5:30-6:00-Teen Lyrical Competition Team #1

6:00-6:30-Senior Contemporary Competition Team #3

6:30-7:00-Teen Contemporary Competition Team #2

7:00-7:30-Beginning Teen Contemporary

8:00-8:45-Leaps/Turns/Progressions-(2x a month)


Gray room:

3:30-4:00-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

4:00-4:30-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

4:30-5:00-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

5:00-5:30-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

5:30-6:15-Adult Ballet

Blue room:

4:30-5:00-Hip Hop (ages 7-11)

5:00-5:30-Beginning Lyrical (ages 7-11)

5:30-6:00-Beginning Tap (ages 7-11)

6:00-6:30-Beginning Ballet (ages 7-11)


Gray room:

4:00-4:30-Private lesson/Miss Susan-booked

4:30-5:00-PetiteJazz/Hip Hop

5:00-5:45-Petite Competition Tean Tap & Jazz

5:45-6:15-Junior Hip Hop-at capacity-waitlist available

6:15-6:45-Junior Jazz Competition Team #2

6:45-7:15-Junior Tap Competition Team #3

7:15-8:15-Teen Ballet-at capacity-waitlist available

Blue room:

4:45-5:15-Junior Lyrical-at capacity-waitlist available

5:15-5:45-Junior Modern-at capacity-waitlist available

5:45-6:15-Petite Lyrical & Modern

6:15-6:45-Teen/Sr. Modern-at capacity-waitlist available

6:45-7:45-Senior Ballet


30 minute class: $45/$43 military

45 minute class: $55/$53 military

1 hour class: $65/$63 military

2 class bundle: $95/$93 military

3 class bundle: $125/$123 military

4 class bundle: $145/$143 military

Private Lessons: Additional $100 to monthly tuition

Unlimited Individual: $197

Unlimited Family (up to 4 members only): $297

Registration Fee: $25/individual-$45/family

All tuition is NON-REFUNDABLE and is due the 1st class of the month.

Accounts that fall 30 days or more behind will result in a $20 late fee.

Off Broadway accepts CASH, CHECKS, or ZELLE to

Returned check fee is $25 for the 1st time, after that no checks will be accepted.

Schedule/Rates: Image
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