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2023-2024 Studio Online Handbook

Studio Closings and Important Dates: The calendar for the entire dance season can be found on our HOME page! 

Expenses: Monthly tuition is due on or before the first lesson of each month.  May will be pro-rated (1/2 of your normal monthly tuition). All tuition is non-refundable. A late fee of $20 will be assessed for accounts that are 15-days past due. Tuition is the same amount regardless if there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons in the month (with the exception of private lessons). A returned check fee in the amount of $25 will be assessed the first time a NSF check is written, no checks will be accepted after the 1st offense.

Semester discount: a discount of 5% off your entire tuition fee will be given for lessons paid August through December (semester 1) and again for lessons paid January through May (semester 2).  Tuition must be paid in its entirety by August 10th for semester 1 and by January 11th for semester 2 to be eligible for this discount.

We accept cash, check, and take payments through ZELLE at

Registration Fee-Individual/$25 & Family/$45. Registration fees are non-refundable.

Costume Fees:

Most classes will perform one dance in the recital.  If you take multiple classes, you will have multiple costumes. Participation in the recital is not mandatory. If you decide to participate, a costume needs to be purchased for each dance you’re in. Costume prices range from $55-$85. Costume deposits can be made at any time ($50/each), but must be made no later than December 1st, 2023. Costume monies are non-refundable.

Expectations of Personal Conduct and Studio Use:

  • Please come to class on time, every time.  The instructor expects to start class on time and expects that everyone will be there for the warm-ups.  Students that arrive late will need to properly warm-up before joining the class.  There are no refunds for missed classes, although a make-up class of a similar class will be offered if available. 

  • Food or snacks must be consumed in the waiting area ONLY.  Only water is permitted in the dance room(s).  No gum chewing in the studio.  No cell phones permitted in the dance room(s).  You may leave your cell phone in the waiting area during class and may “check it” between classes only.  Trash such as diapers must be taken out with you.

  • Appropriate language in the studio at all times please!

  • Personal belongings left at OFF BROADWAY for more than 2 weeks will be donated to a local charity.

  • Students will not leave the studio premises at any time during their class.  When class is over, students should exit the building wearing some kind of cover-up over their leotard. 

  • Respect all studio property as if it was your own.  Sound system and thermostats are to be operated by staff only!

  • Dance shoes are the only shoes allowed on the studio MEZZA floor.

  • We do not let parents or drop-in visitors stay in the classroom during instruction.  We do understand that you may have a relative or out of town guest in town and will be more than happy to accommodate a time for them to take a peek at the class. 

  • Compliancy of these expectations by students, parents, and staff, is vital to running an efficient dance studio.  We appreciate your understanding in these matters!

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