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Contemporary Dance Couple


Classes: Classes

Creative Movement: This is a 30-minute class consisting of tap, ballet, song & dance, and creative expression.  This class is geared to the 2-4 (young 5) yr. old age group.  Students will need ballet and tap shoes.

Tap:  This class is dedicated to the student that wants to explore tap dancing in all of its elements.  Class will consist of tap technique, rhythm tap, across the floor tap steps/combinations and routines.  Discover the fun of making music with your feet!  Note: Advanced tap class-students must have prior permission by Miss Susan to enroll in this class.

Jazz:  Students will stretch, strengthen, learn terminology, leaps & turns, across the floor progressions, and intricate combinations and choreography.  This class is recommended for a minimum of age 8 yrs. old.  Note: Advanced jazz class-students must have prior permission by Miss Susan to enroll in this class.  Here the students will continue their jazz education by learning various styles of jazz, traditional, theater, character, funky, etc.. Outside of the studio practice is highly recommended. 

Hip Hop (petite, junior, teen/senior):  This class will explore the most current popular dance moves and will focus on fast moving, funky, and free style hip hop steps.  Recommended age is 5 for the petite class.

Ballet:  Our program is geared to grow with the dancer as they progress in their ballet education and technique.  We will address ballet placement on a personal basis if necessary.  Students will be notified personally when we feel they are ready to begin pointe dancing.  This program is designed for both boys and girls and is mandatory for all members of the competition team.

Contemporary/Lyrical:  These forms of dance include isolations, abstract movements, music interpretation and personal expression.  It is based on ballet with influences of jazz and modern dance. 

ATS (Acro, Tricks, & Skills): This is a class dedicated to improving a dancer’s flexibility and control over their own bodies to enhance their performance and technique in ballet/jazz/contemporary/hip hop classes. Dancers will also work on Acro skills at their own pace and work on Acro tricks that will be used in class choreography. 

Competition Classes and Teams:  (audition mandatory) These classes will consist of choreography for competition, shows, and community outreach.  There is no discount or pro-rated tuition for these classes and regular attendance to both technique and competition classes is a must.  Contracts will be signed and in effect for an entire dance season (August-May).

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